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“Secure your cryptocurrency with a Ledger Wallet”

Introducing Ledger Nano Wallet

Do you want to know why the ledger Nano wallet has over 1.4 million units sold worldwide?. This hardware wallet has been around for over 5 years, released back  in 2016 and is still one of the best ways to keep your coins safe, storing them offline and away from hackers.

Cash backs with the Ledger wallets

 The Ledger wallet has integrated crypto.com pay into their online store. This means you can pay for any ledger Nano wallet with Litecoin ( LTC) or a crypto.com coin (CRO) and enjoy a 10% cashback.

Exclusive Rewards

Ledger wallet holders can stake any cryptocurrency of their choice and delegate their funds to the validator of preference and get rewarded for it. All you have to do is find a coin you want to stake e.g Polkadot (DOT). Install the application on your wallet, set up an account on ledger live, and move your coins to the application. Then you sit back and let the profit roll in.

Key features of the ledger wallet

The ledger Nano wallet has two distinct types. The first model Ledger Nano S and the new, improved Ledger Nano X. Both of these are hardware wallets, which mean they pretty much have the same features with a few new functionalities on the Nano X;

  • They both store your cryptocurrency safe, offline.
  • They both support over 1000 coins and tokens.
  • Each coin requires a separate app; the Nano S only allows you to manage up to 30 apps while the X model can manage up to 100 apps.
  • The Nano X can be controlled through your mobile phone using the Bluetooth device, the S model doesn’t have this function.

Is Ledger wallet free to use?

The Ledger wallet comes at a fairly affordable price of $59 for the Nano S and $115 for the Nano X. Comparing it with other hardware wallets that offer the same functionality for much higher prices, both Ledger wallets give you great value for your money.

Which cryptocurrencies can I store with Ledger wallet?

Ledger wallets support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, almost 1000 coins, and tokens. This includes major ones like (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). Each coin requires you to open a separate app on your wallet; this is one con to the Nano S model as it can only manage a few apps at a time.

If you’re looking to manage several coins at a go then the Nano X is a better choice.

Is the Ledger wallet secure?

Since the ledger wallet is a hardware wallet it is relatively going to be a lot safer than any software wallet out there. Since it stores your cryptocurrency offline it gives you full ownership and accessibility to your coins.

How to set up a Ledger wallet

Once you’ve purchased your ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X wallet, you wait for it to be delivered. When it finally arrives you set it up using these simple steps;

  • With the cable that’s provided connect your device to a computer.
  • Your ledger wallet Will then power up and ask you to press the button on the right.
  • When you press the button on the right, your wallet will instruct you to connect to the ledger live.
  • Open up a browser and navigate to ledger.com/start, install the ledger live app on your Windows/Mac.
  • Follow the instructions on your ledger live account, using the right button to move to the right and the left button to move to the left. Pressing both buttons down means you’ve confirmed an action.
  • Once you’ve set your pin you’ll be given a recovery phrase of 24 words which you should write down somewhere safe.
  • Once your device has been verified you need to install apps like Bitcoin so your wallet can start functioning. 

How to add cryptocurrency to your Ledger

Once you’ve opened a ledger live account and installed an app for the coin of your choice on your device, you’re ready to add cryptocurrency to your ledger Nano wallet;

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the app that you just downloaded e.g Bitcoin.
  • Choose between the option of buying or receiving your cryptocurrency.
  • Once you choose how you want your wallet to be credited, your coins will be added to your ledger wallet safe and sound

Can you buy coins on the Ledger wallet?

If you connect your ledger wallet to the ledger live app, you can choose to either buy directly from a third party or receive coins from people.

Withdraw & Deposit

To withdraw pre-stored coins 

Payment Methods

Payment Method Type Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Average Deposit Time Average Withdrawal Time
Visa Credit card 10 Minutes 2 Days

Ledger wallet Customer care & Support

Ledger wallet has one of the best customer care services out there. To chat with one of their providers;

Ledger wallet Mobile App

The ledger live is available on Google play store for Android and the app store for IOS. It has a sophisticated interface yet, is still easy to navigate and perform tasks. Its downside is, only the ledger Nano X can connect to it, the older Ledger Nano S doesn’t have the Bluetooth function.

Conclusion on Ledger wallets

In terms of security, both ledger wallets offer the best form of protection for your cryptocurrency at an affordable price. The Ledger Nano X has some key features like Bluetooth and mobile connectivity that enable you to buy or sell crypto on the go while still keeping your assets secure.  


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