Paxful Wallet

“One of the world’s leading peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplaces”

Introducing Paxful Wallet 

What if there was a platform that offered over 300 payment methods to buy Bitcoin and signing up gave you access to a free digital wallet. Sounds too good to be true? Continue reading to find out what digital wallet offers all this and more.

Paxful rewards & cash backs

When it comes to giving cashback on practically any purchase, Paxful brings their A-game. If you buy Bitcoin with any credit or debit card for USD you can get up to a 30% BTC cashback on your transaction. This is one of the many offers Paxful gives out to its customers.

Exclusive rewards on Paxful

Paxful affiliate program gives its users the chance of being rewarded for sharing their affiliate link with friends, family, and followers. You can earn up to a 50% commission on the standard escrow fee every time one of your direct affiliates makes a “buy” transaction and a 10% commission when your direct affiliates’ affiliate makes a “buy” transaction. You never stop earning with their affiliate program

Key features of the wallet

Paxful gives you the option of buying and selling Bitcoin directly from other people. They make these transactions even more simple by providing over 300 payment methods which include; gift cards, cash deposits, and online wallets.

Is Paxful wallet free to use?

When you sign up for a Paxful account you immediately get a free digital wallet.

Which cryptocurrency can I store with a Paxful wallet?

This wallet is mainly a Bitcoin wallet, which means you can only store, buy and trade BTC.

How safe is Paxful

Paxful has a 2 step authentication process to protect your account and wallet from hackers. They also provide escrow services that protect and keep all your transactions safe.

How to set up a Paxful account

To set up a Paxful account all you have to do is;

  • Go to the Paxful home page at
  • Click on the create account button.
  • The signup form appears when you click the button.
  • You fill in all the recommended fields in the form.
  • When you’re done you click on the create account button.
  • A verification message will be sent to your email.
  • You click on the message and your account is automatically verified.
  • Your Paxful account is active and ready to use.

Adding cryptocurrency to your Paxful wallet

After you’ve created your new Paxful account you can take these 3 easy steps to add cryptocurrency to it.

Setting up a search 

  • Log into your Paxful account.
  • Click on the buy button and select what cryptocurrency you’d like to buy.
  • Click show all payment methods and pick one that applies to you.
  • Select your country from the location list.
  • Click search for offers that are updated based on your search requirements.

Finding an offer

  • The offer list begins with sellers who have the best reputations, stars and are the most active.
  • You should pick a seller with the best credibility.
  • Enter the amount you are ready to trade in the cryptocurrency field then click the buy now button.


  • Discuss necessary details with who you’re trading.
  • Make payment then click I have paid when the self-declaration dialogue comes up.


Can you buy coins on your Paxful account?

Bitcoin seems to be the only major coin you can buy and sell on Paxful.

Payment methods

Payment Method Type Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Average Deposit Time Average Withdrawal Time
Ex: Visa Credit / Debit Card 10 Minutes 2 Days


Paxful Customer Support

Paxful has a team of dedicated support providers who are always ready to help their customers at any time of the day. They even guide you through simple steps like opening an account.

If you’d like to get in touch with one of their customer care Representatives;

  • At the bottom right of their website, a customer care support button is visible.
  • Click on it and a chatbot automatically asks a few questions.
  • Click on get in touch and you can chat with a customer care representative live.

Paxful Mobile App

The Paxful mobile app is available on both Android and IOS. They have a clear-cut design that allows its users to navigate and perform both simple and complex tasks with ease.

Final thoughts on Paxful for storing your cryptocurrency

This wallet’s two-step authentication process and escrow service have its competitors beat. Both these functionalities ensure a safe trading environment and that your wallet and all its funds are safe from harm’s way.

The only downside to Paxful is it doesn’t have the features to store a vast number of coins. If you’re looking for a Bitcoin-specific wallet, Paxful is your guy.

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